What is URL shortener?

A URL shortener is a Web site that will create a short Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or Web page address from a long one so that the short version, which is easier to remember and enter, can be used instead.

For example, if you need to frequently enter a URL into e-mail messages or read it over the phone, a long URL is prone to mistyping or misunderstanding / annoying. By going to a free Web site service like CU8.in, you can swap your long URL for into a short one.

The URL shortening service will maintain the association between the two and will redirect anyone who enters the short URL to the page at the long URL.

When should I use URL shortener service?

When posting a link across multiple sites on the web. As discussed earlier, it’s a lot easier to track and change one link in one place, rather than hunt down all versions of it posted across your marketing channels and make the necessary changes. And that’s assuming you can even make those changes.

Here are few reasons why you should use a URL shortener service:

  1. Link Masking: Obviously shortening a URL allows you to mask the original web address. This is bad for us as consumers in the sense that it allows for spammers and hackers to hide malicious links from us. Thankfully, CU8.in checkes periodically the target link for malware warnings. And if found, CU8.in warns user to visit.
  2. Link Shortening: It’s much simpler to share a short and memorable URL than a lengthy one, especially when those lengthy URLs contain random numbers in them and you need to type that in small device like mobile phone.
  3. Link Tracking: Link tracking has got to be the number one reason to shorten a link. We, as digital marketers and social media managers, need to know as much possible of customer details who are clicking on that.
  4. Link Retargeting: Retargeting is essentially the act of adding a little pixel, or piece of code, to your site, so that when people visit, you can serve ads to them later like Amazon. It’s crazy profitable for marketers and advertisers, and I frequently refer to it as the lowest hanging fruit for any business.
  5. Link Rotating: An unique link that allows you to route visitors to different landing pages. When a visitor clicks your link he will be redirected to one of the multiple URLs you have added to the rotator. A rotator is necessary when you want to perform A/B test experiments to evaluate which of your landing pages is performing better.
  6. Link Swapping or Changing: You create a shortened link and share it across 12 different networks, then one day target page has taken down for any reason. You can change the URL using CU8.in API service very easily, which does not support many URL shortener service providers.

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