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If you are stuck in between a project and quickly need to send Long URL for SMS or digital marketing campaign; Then your search for URL shortener ends at
It's simple, it's easy and yes it's instant.
Since we at don't require you to register or sign up for shorten a URL, you can quickly shorten URL or create custom links with just a few clicks in less than 10 seconds.
We truely value your time and don't want to mess you up with the complicated process. Just initiate a GET request and you are done. Yes, it's that simple. Head to our FaQ / API section for detailed documentation.

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What we do is a URL shortening service and a link management platform. Compress your campaign URLs and track your digital marketing progress.

Developer friendly API

Developers can shorten URLs within a few seconds. No configuration required. API is free to use. No registration required.

Fast and secure

Use API in less than 10 seconds. Create your own admin panel. Helpful for URL redirection and shortening in the middle of your project.

Our Services

A desire to help and empower others between community contributors in technology
began to grow in 2022.

Google My Business Rating API

This helps you to show your GMB reviews on your website. Make your e-commerce site more trustable.

Issue Tracker

Cost effective remote team management web application. Helps to increase the productivity and track bugs.

Anonymous chat

Connect with a random stranger around the world and chat anonymously. WordPress plugin available.


Convert your text to an image on the fly. Change background color, font family, font size as you want.

Text encryption

Convert text to unreadable format so no one can read without password. Use this as API or web form for free.

More services

Variety of development service which is very helpful in the middle of development. Most of free to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of possible concerns, question and answer about

Enter your valid long URL in the top form of this page. If you want a nice shorten key, fill the "expected key" field. Leaving blank of "expected key" field will generate random key for you. Now press "SHORTEN" button. You will have your shorted link. Use it anywhere you like.
Unlimited. We do not restrict any redirection once its created. No matter how many clicks you are getting, all will be redirected to your target URL.
A shorten URL will last for 1100 days from creation time. Every redirection will update it's validity for another 1100 days. So basically if used in each 1100 days, the link will not expire at all. To check in a programmatic way You can initiate a GET request like this Replace the key with yours and then check the validTill from the result. This is unix timestamp which means its a total number of seconds since 1970. For more details please navigate to our API page.
You can initiate a GET request like this Check the clientIp from the result. You will see a v4 IP address (Ex: For more details please navigate to our API page.
You can access almost everything using our API services. API's are very easy to implement. We have examples, so you can copy and paste to get your job done immediately.
You will get access token once you submit premium access form (in pricing section below). Use that token form anywhere and we will consider you as a premium member. Append &token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in the API URL. That's it.
You can activate or deactivate preview of your target URL. Please note this is browser feature and will work only for this browser. When you activate the preview feature, each redirection in this browser will show you the target URL(s) before redirecting. ACTIVATE PREVIEW
We are very strict about this. We check each URL every time before redirecting a visitor on that page. If any threat found, or your URL response is slow, we delete the key (redirection record). Make sure your server response is fast enough along with no threat.
We have few conditions to use our service. Please navigate to our terms of service page. Also, have a look on our privacy policy before subscription.









Best Pricing pricing plans help you optimize and track every touchpoint with your audience, no matter your size or reach


$0/ Month

  • Business Analyzing
  • 10 requests per minute
  • Unlimited link validity (if using)
  • Malware protection
  • Redirection window
  • Link update/delete


$5/ Month

  • Business Analyzing
  • 100 requests per minute
  • Unlimited link validity (if using)
  • Malware protection
  • Straight redirection
  • Link update/delete


We have created by keeping few principles in our mind.

  1. It's developer friendly, so you can implement it in less than a minute. Faster implementation can save your time and money.
  2. Faster response, so your customer doesn't have to wait to go the target page.
  3. Security, we check target URLs for malware infection. If infected, we show warning.
  4. This also includes easy to share, track click data, transform social media service, hide your ugly affiliate link etc.
Performance & support: 98%
Easy & faster implementation: 92%
Value for money: 96%


For better understanding we are comparing the core difference with other URL shortener providers as of November 2019

# Feature Rebrandly Tinyurl
1 Unlimited free trial No No Free Yes
2 Click count Limited 5000 Not available Unlimited
3 Unlimited short URL validity No Yes Yes Yes
4 Easy API No No Not exist Yes
5 Signup required Yes Yes No No
6 1 minute implementation No No Not available Yes
7 Pricing USD 29 USD 29 Free USD 5
8 Excellent support Paid Paid Free Free
9 Vanity/custom link Yes Yes Yes Yes
10 Malware warning No No No Yes
11 Custom domain Yes Yes Yes Yes
12 Preview before visit No No Yes Yes
4.6 Google reviews from 10 users Add Yours

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A desire to help and empower others between community contributors in technology
began to grow in 2020.

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